Behind the scenes photoshoot for Shoe Designer Gwen Stefani's Brand L.A.M.B

I'm excited to finally share with you my latest behind-the-scenes job for the Shoe Designer Gwen Stefani. 

I was asked to photograph the photoshoot's process for her new L.A.M.B. Shoe & Apparel Collection (the name is an acronym of her debut solo album Love. Angel. Music. Baby.)
We shot at MILK Studios Los Angeles. The studios are incredibly beautiful, full of natural light, spacious and clean; which made my job way easier!
It was a great experience to see how everything works and get to be surrounded by many creative people. Plus, I love shoes!

If you want to learn how to photograph behind-the-scenes, stay tuned to my next post. In the next article I'll give you the best tips to succeed as a still or behind-the-scenes photographer.

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