The Importance of Personal Projects

If you are an up and coming photographer and you really want to make a show-stopping statement, a personal project is the way to do it. People love looking at images that tell a story unique to their own, and your personal and unique portfolio can do just that. In turn, it can garner much attention and publicity. Here are a few reasons why a personal project is so important.

Why Do A Personal Project?

Well, there are times when you find yourself working for a client and finishing up a not-so-enthusiastic project (to you), or there may be periods of time that you are not so busy. These are the times when you may feel spending your days working on something more true to you; something that you really want to connect with, such as something more personal. A personal project also gives you a chance to focus on a technique that you want to perfect or to try something new and exciting. It can bring to light your creativity and the enthusiasm you have as a person who loves the craft and profession.

It Communicates Who You Are

Personal projects show people what you are passionate about and let others see your more creative side. Sharing a portfolio of your project on social media or with prospective clients will also show your technique and a specific theme of something you enjoy. In my case, my portfolio was lacking studio portraits. I wanted to show to potential clients that I’m a versatile photographer that not only does lifestyle work. This is how my latest personal project, A DOG’S LIFE, started to take shape. You can learn more about my creative process here. With this project, I wanted to demonstrate that I’m not just any photographer, but a creative person, a planner, and a resourceful person capable of coming up with a strong concept that can plan it properly and execute it perfectly. 

Challenging yourself by Going Outside your Comfort Zone Helps you Learn

As a photographer, you are always learning and developing new skills. A personal project gives you an opportunity to try new things and present things a little different in the end. Diversifying your portfolio will be accomplished with your creative outlook that is also very personal to you. This can also reflect successfully and positively on your career, even if it is just beginning. And, even it’s not something you wish to share, the actual learning experience from the time you spend doing the one thing you love is worth the while.

In my case, I worked in a studio before, but with a massive production team that took care of everything because it was a commissioned work. Now I wanted to challenge myself, and not only take care of the entire production for the dog’s portraits but also do something I had never done before: prop styling. 

I also hired people to help me out with everything. This doesn’t take from you but the opposite. It shows you know your limitations and you work around them. 

Promotional Content? Yes!

Any personal project that is successful may help you get noticed. Not all personal projects are successful, but if and when they are, professional photographers, future clients, and businesses large and small may be impressed. Accomplishing a unique collection of images with a real story behind it may grab the attention of many. But this doesn’t come by itself. With A DOG’S LIFE, I made an excel document with all the blogs, magazines, and media outlets in which I wanted to be published. So I wrote them all sharing my work and the story about each one. Almost 1 year later, my work is still being published in magazines and blogs around the US and Europe. 

This is part of the excel I made with a list of magazines, blogs and social platforms.

This is part of the excel I made with a list of magazines, blogs and social platforms.

A personal project reflects you are as the unique person you are, your vision, and, in addition, could possibly spark an awakening in your viewers. Many people love learning about what others think and feel, and it is quite an opportunity when you put yourself out there and show them. Not only will you show them your views, but it can give you the chance to show professionals and prospective clients your true talent. So, think about a personal project you believe in, and dive right in!

Have done a personal project and want to share it with me? Post the link below or email me at hello (at) and I’ll take a look!