Interview with THEBHOLDR about my show in Photoville.

During my week in New York I had the pleasure to meet Kelvin Ward, Creative Director of *THEBHOLDR, to talk about my work as commercial animal photographer in Los Angeles and my latest show in Brooklyn, New York. 

In this interview I explain how I transitioned from photographing abandoned places to animals. I also give some insights about what inspired me to photograph Sphynx cats (hairless cats) and my experience as American Emerging Photographer of 2015 at Photoville (photo festival organized by United Photo Industries).

Nominated as American Emerging Photographer of 2015 by Stella Kramer (Pulitzer Prize winning photo-editor) and United Photo Industries, L.A. based photographer Alícia Rius talks about her transition into photography, her passion for animals and being a featured artist in Brooklyn's Photoville 2015 as American Emerging Photographer.


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