Natural Balance Pet Food's Campaign "I Believe".

My latest commercial job included taking many images of pets and their loved ones for Natural Balance. This pet food brand is known for its superior quality, natural ingredients that are safe and nutritious for dogs and cats of any breed. The scope of this project was to capture and share the beautiful bond between pets and their unique families across four different cities. This particular client expected raw, authentic images featuring various lifestyles with one commonality: the love of their companions.



The best part of doing this photoshoot was the time spent with pets and their loving owners, who, by the way, were employees of this caring company. These people were real, not actors, so it was important to make them comfortable and to feel at ease in front of the camera while not focusing on the crew on the set. I focused on getting to know the owners by allowing them to tell me about their dog or cat and their personal experiences with their companions, thus highlighting the love of their pets even more. By getting to know their stories, it helped me to guide them during the actual shoot. With personal questions about their four-legged companions, how they met, their routine and special things they do together, it was quite apparent that there were strikingly strong emotional connections that each animal and his owner shared. These were lovingly and naturally translated in each beautiful image.


The production lasted three days and my time spent with so many different people from different walks of life was nothing short of extraordinary. It was such a wonderful experience not only capturing loving images, but also getting to know so many pet owners who undeniably make their pet a part of their family.


Photography gigs like this are why I love my job. They bring true meaning and purpose to what I do, they impact me in more ways that I can explain. But the most important thing is that I make a difference by showcasing pets of every breed, and, as in this gig, the people that love them the most. Thank you, Natural Balance, for the unparalleled and extraordinary time spent among genuine people that all have one thing in common: the love for their animals.


Here some behind the scenes:


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