Best of the Best Photographers 2016

I am honored and humbled to have my work chosen by One Eyeland Photography website to be part in their esteemed book: Best of the Best Photographers 2016.
The images are two of my favorite and feature two pets that have touched my life and heart.

The image of Dakota, the Doberman, was from a fine art session celebrating her life as she had recently been diagnosed with liver disease. I chose the striking backdrop to highlight her amazing spirit.

The image of Delilah, the Sphynx, belongs to a series called “The Disturbing Beauty of the Sphynx Cat”. In this body of work (awarded by PDN Faces) I explore the beauty of the Sphynx within their oddity. I have always been fascinated with this breed and find them raw, natural, and stunningly beautiful in many ways.

To learn more about these series, as well as other works of mine, please visit my website.

Best of the Best Photographers 2016 book. Worldwide publication, 2016.

The two winning images. 
On the left: Dakota, the Doberman.
On the right: Delilah, the Sphynx cat.