The Top 5 Best Places to Photograph your Pet

Finding the best places to take captivating images of your four-legged companion may seem a little challenging at first. However, if you think about the personality of your pet and where he loves to spend time with you, then you’ve got your answer! Here are popular places to photograph your pet and create memories you will cherish.

1. In the Forest

If your dog loves to hike with you, there is nothing better than a forest photoshoot. The majestic and magical background of the forest can highlight your dog’s “outdoorsy” personality by giving you the opportunity to take images of him doing the things he loves. Not only do sitting portraits look amazing with the hemlocks and pines behind him, but active shots of him running and romping on trails really showcase what your pet loves to do in nature.

Play with your aperture to create soft background to make the subject stand out.

2. In the Mountains

With the mountains, you have a few choices. You can either photograph your pet with the mountains in the background, depending on the location, or you can take a stunning image of your dog on a ridge or cliff-like area. Powerful indeed, the mountains can highlight your dog’s love for adventure.

Take advantage of the beautiful landscape and use the textures to create stunning backgrounds.

3. At Home

There is nothing like home, the safest and most peaceful place on the planet for your pet. Your pet’s home is his home, and the attachment is undeniable. Find his favorite room and do up-close and personal shots, or move back a little and photograph him on his favorite resting area, surrounded by his favorite toys. Take advantage of the natural light in the room, or through a window, to capture a calm and peaceful look.

Instead of giving them instructions, let them be. They'll feel more relaxed and will give you the best poses.

4. In the City

An urban dog is a special dog. He is used to the hustle and bustle of the city – the people, the cars, the sounds, and his favorite area to spend time. If you take your dog to a special place in your metropolitan area, this would be the ideal place to do a photoshoot, as it is familiar to him. Graffiti walls or natural-painted walls would be backgrounds that would really showcase your pet, while many different photos in an urban setting would make a cool collage as well!

Look for bright and colorful backgrounds to create fun and vivid portraits.

Or look for more subtle textures and darker colors to give your portrait a different mood.

5. At the Beach

If you live along a body of water, such as a beach or lake, there are images just waiting to be taken of you and your pet. The opportunities are many – you can create images of your dog in the water, running along the beach, jumping up to catch that Frisbee, or simply basking in the sun. Taking pictures using the water as the background will produce a serene feel; however, you may also choose to capture images with colorful sailboats behind him. Taking far shots or close-ups of him on a dock or pier will also yield eye-popping results, or taking advantage of the captivating sunset (beach sunsets are the best!) will yield wonderful images.

From moody to stoic. Let the weather help you create a different atmostphere.

When capturing these images, you may need a little assistance. Not from a person, per say, but with toys and treats! Dogs love these items, and things that can grab their quick attention can Another thing you may need is a little patience. A few shots you begin to take may not be the ones you like, but with a little patience and perseverance, you will have ideal shots of you companion to share with the ones you love!