Photoshoot for furniture design company in Spain

When I travel back to Catalonia—where I'm from—I seize the opportunity to not only visit with my family and friends but also to engage in new and exciting projects; however, these projects are not always animal-related. 

On this trip, I was hired by the innovative, modern office furniture company Aridi to photograph their new collection: One. One, designed by Gabriel Teixidó, is a series of comfortable, handcrafted management furniture imbued with character and nobility.

The concept of the shoot was to show that One is thoughtfully designed and built to last. Each piece of furniture begins with the raw materials—wood, glass, leather, and lacquer—and then is finished individually by hand. It was important to convey One's homey yet sophisticated style that transforms offices into far more than just simple workplaces; One shapes spaces for creation.


Aridi also wanted to demonstrate One's versatility. The collection can be elegantly adapted to different environments due to its simplicity of form. Balance and precision combine to create a peaceful ambience in any room. One's traditional handcrafted furniture with innovative and seductive lines can be characterized by its consistency, simplicity, and, above all, elegance.

In preparation for the photoshoot, I visited the manufacturer because I wanted to see and touch the raw materials in order to better understand the process of creating the office furniture from start to finish. I spoke with the carpenter about the materials he uses, his process, and the challenges he faces. I was surprised to learn how complex it is to create something that, when finished, looks so simple and clean. 

The result was a stunning brochure that evokes the traditional values and simple yet elegant aesthetic of One. 


Here are some behind the scenes photographs.


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