Collaboration with 3D artist Travis Durden to create Batman's new home

After weeks of work, I'm excited to announce that my latest collaboration with Parisian 3D artist Travis Durden has come to life.

In this series, Durden wanted to illustrate that "the natural life cycle of myths and idols involves their destruction." To depict the eventual, gradual demise of the comic book superhero Batman, Durden collaborated with photographers Jason Koxvold, Ed Freeman, Antti Viitala, Matt Lambros, and me, who document abandoned places around the world.

Using 3D software, the artist digitally included some of Batman's personal mementos into a selection of post-apocalyptic photos by these photographers. The resulting images portray the character as trapped within a dark universe, surrounded by devastation and disrepair. "I wanted the final images as real as possible, as if Batman really spent time in these abandoned places."

Who would have thought that this wagon I photographed would one day become Batman's home?

‘Bat piano’, featuring Jason Koxvold

‘Bat home’, featuring Alicia Rius

‘Bat theater’, featuring Matt Lambros

‘Bat station’, featuring Ed Freeman

‘Bat broken’, featuring Antti Viitala

More about Travis' works here:
All photos can be bought through our representative at Gallery Sakura