Tail of 20 cities - My Story with my Dog Riff

Rover.com is celebrating the love people have for their dogs in cities all over the world and they've invited 20 influential photographers from across the globe to share a photo that represents their love for their pet. I'm honored that Rover wanted me to share my story with Riff.


Moving to Los Angeles was a very different experience than when I met Riff. With Riff, it was love at first sight. I felt in my heart that he was THE dog. I couldn’t believe how beautiful, sweet, tender and patient he was. With him, I felt instantly at ease. Within the City of Angels, feeling comfortable was a two-year process.


I moved to LA four years ago from San Francisco. In comparison, LA felt too sprawling, too big, too busy, too gridlocked and too disconnected. Little by little, taking Riff’s lead, I began to love and appreciate what the city had to offer. Slowly but surely, Riff and I started to explore and photograph this concrete jungle, and we’ve discovered wonderful places that make LA feel like home.

This is my city. And this is my dog.  Check out all of the photographs here and feel free to join the fun by posting your own pic of your pooch repping your city with the hashtag #RoverCities!


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