Smart Technology For Pets

Smart technology is making lives more convenient and secure with a number of products designed for homes and humans. In recent times the industry has exploded as more products are continually added to the smart tech market. Now there is a whole range of smart technology devices designed with pets in mind. Whether it’s a fitness tracker, a more secure home or just keeping in touch with your pooch while you’re out of the house, there is sure to be a smart technology solution to suit your needs.



Food and water

Automatic food and water dispensers for pets have been around for decades. Unfortunately, the older types can’t stop your hound from gorging on the entire week’s supply of treats you stocked it with, or the water bowl from tipping and leaving them without a drink while you are out. Smart pet feeders like the PetSafe Smart Feed can control portion size as well as the times your pet has their meals.

Spilt water bowls are a common complaint for dog owners and a real worry if you are out at work and unable to re-fill it for them. The Platinum Pet Fountain provides one of the healthiest answers to this problem. Pet owners are able to fill a large, spill resistant reservoir that dispenses water as a free falling fountain, collecting in a splash resistant receiving ramp that includes an adjustable flow. What’s more, water passes through a charcoal filter and is aerated by the waterfall, so you know your dog or cat is getting the best drinking water possible.



Play time

Whether it’s keeping in touch while you’re out of the home, or just engaging with your dog throughout the day to keep them happy, there is a wide range of smart toys and games available to help you do this. Enabled by wifi connections, PetCube and PetChatzHD allow you to see, talk, play and dispense treats for your pet remotely. PetChatz HD even includes a calming scent diffuser that’s great for pets with separation anxiety. Pet Cube allows you to play with your pet using a remote controlled laser that they can chase around your living room to keep them active throughout the day.


Rest and relaxation

Having a bed that provides a comfortable and secure place for your dog to sleep is just as important as it is for you or me. Your dog’s bed doesn’t have to be ‘smart’ to provide the comfort they need, as long as it’s big enough and able to support their needs (think washable covers if your dog likes to get mucky!), they should be happy.

If you are looking for a smart option, the Petrics smart bed for dogs could be the thing. Working in conjunction with a companion activity collar, data is collected on your dog’s weight, activity levels, rest periods, allowing you to monitor their health and spot any issues early on. It even comes with climatic controls to ensure a comfortable sleep.



Secure pet, secure home

Home security can be a tricky issue when you have pets at home. The usual monitors and sensors can easily be set off by your pet wandering around the house, causing you more worry than feelings of security. SimpliSafe Home Security has pet sensitive sensors to track what’s going on in your home while you’re away and won’t sound the alarm because your pooch headed in from the yard. It also includes video monitoring via an app on your smart phone, detects fire, smoke and carbon dioxide levels and can even unlock the door remotely if your dog walker forgets their key.


What are your thoughts on technology for pets? Do you use any of them? Comment below to share your experience with me!